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Theos Ke Polemos collaboration works
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Multiple Brainz by VulnePro
Multiple Brainz
"Oh hai guys! I haz the multiple brainz and voices in mai head... don't make the BimBlue Master mad.

You won't like the Master mad."

Here we have just another of the random sendai proletariat that inhabits the TKP universe. This little fella (about 4 feet tall) could be a citizen of Indus or Polemos but we'll assume Indus for the sake of argument. Why? Well, for starters violent internal multiple brain conflicts are more an Indus problem then Polemon. As with FOILs often sendai are designed by artisan guilds or individual design specialists. Often mad experimentation occurs (for better or worse) and with little regulation on Indus things can get out of hand. Putting several brains into a sendai with conflicting agendas has been known to happen simply "just to see what will happen". As such issues of sendai psychology are often exasperated by the added problem of Indus-widespread human bigotry toward their bio-mechanical creations (though there are places of exception). Breaking points are often breached and the path of blood wake follows... people die.

Is this particular guy stable or not? Well, he seems well enough off sporting his very casual threads but time will tell what the future holds for this creature. Suppose that's a given for us all.

This was a scanned pencil thumb blown up in CS3 then converted to a grayscale paint in PainterX and CS3. Colors were added following along with several textures (the simulated catalin marbling texture was hand painted by me. I've created many for catalin and bakelite texture simulation).

Download for higher resolution image.

Another piece, of many to come, I have lying around I need to wrap or simply get around to posting. This particular technique I had planned to do a series of so this guy is the first. Stay tuned ;)
Residential H 117-688 by VulnePro
Residential H 117-688
Residential home, located in the political bloc of Jaämas, level H 117-688

An example of the countless billions of residential homes that are scattered throughout the bowels of Indus. What makes this example unique is the Polemon "S" graff scratched in the dirt on the widow of the front door and also sprayed on the wall , of the second story, directly above that door. The S means the building is a sanctuary or safe house and, typically, these are safe-houses for those of the sendai criminal underworld. These safe-houses are also commonly used to hide sendai on the run and looking to immigrate to Polemos where sendai have equal rights with humans (though bigotry does still exist). 

The Policers and various other sendai crimes monitoring agencies are aware of these kind of safe-houses however, at this point, the sheer vastness of Indus real estate and the nature of the architectural geography (not even accounting the further problematic nature of large swaths of abandoned territory) makes it a problem far exceeding the resources of law enforcement to deal with it. Typically it's only the most dangerous and active criminal organizations that the Policers focus their attention on so most of these safe-houses are left to operate with impunity. The message, scratched in the top right window, says it all...

"Leave this place!"

I'm posting these as standard HD 1920x1080 16:9 widescreen (hit download for full size). Later I might post them in crazy high-res as a dollar DL (kinda cool new feature) if there's enough interest.

Pencil illustration with digital enhancements and colors in Photoshop CS3

More work pending... 
Haiglends E-41131 by VulnePro
Haiglends E-41131
Haiglands manufacturing facility e-41131, located in the political bloc of Geremane (sometimes also referred to as Germane). Haiglends are a large industrial construction chain that manufactures a good deal of the industrial machinery that churns out various product and services on Indus. The company also offers a great deal of home improvement products and therefore you have both the industrial manufacturing locations and the walk-in Haiglands stores. This building is one of the former, an industrial manufacturing plant so, once again, we have an entrance that belies the facilities considerable size. This is simply an entrance way into another interior chamber that makes up part of the Haiglands plant. Buildings on Indus are deceptive as they're actually all part of the whole that makes up the artificial planet that is Indus. This facility is buried deep in the more isolated and abandoned bowels of Geremane so it's a literal oasis of light carving it's place out of the darkness. Great caution is recommended to anyone venturing into the abandoned territories of Indus so visit at your own risk, facilities such as this are isolated for a reason.

The blue Haiglends sign is a familiar site on Indus and fairly common whether more isolated plants, such as this, or the numerous Haiglends outlet stores were people can buy their households wares.

I'm posting these as standard HD 1920x1080 16:9 widescreen (hit download for full size). Later I might post them in crazy high-res as a dollar DL (kinda cool new feature) if there's enough interest.

Pencil illustration with digital enhancements and colors in Photoshop CS3

More work pending drop...
Well, that didn't quite go as planned.

  Clearly my intent to return to posting in a reasonable fashion after the last journal entry didn't materialize... it's been quite an exhausting summer. There's no need to go into detail beyond my Father is doing well but otherwise still has memory/dementia issues that can be rather time consuming depending. Unfortunately and most sadly, there was the passing of my Aunt (on my Mom's side) in July as well which really has consumed much of what remained of summer. Since her passing I have been helping my Mom sort out her estate so that has taken quite a lot of time and is still ongoing. As I noted in the previous post, family first the art and work will always be there if I want it to. All said things are going as well as can be expected. Now with a modicum of calm beginning to settle in it's time I can finally get some of that work that's been backing up posted.

How it this will go will be pretty simple; stuff will drop when it drops but expect stuff to show up for sure, there's actually a lot considering how chaotic the last couple years have been (I just have to sort though all of it). I did manage to work when I could make the time because it's always relaxing to just sit down and do what I love to do; create stuff. The Theos project isn't dead, it just had a little break, new work will materialize as I can get to it and all. I did say new stuff would be coming this year it just ended up a bit later than planned.

Apologies, again, for the piles of unanswered comments but I would hope everyone understands I'm not purposefully ignoring anyone. As always I appreciate the comments, favs, watches, and general support from everyone that drops by. We will be seeing you more and more 'round the infobahn here, in fact it seems I'm here right now ;)

Oh look there be things and stuff and junk going up!

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