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Blid Jaeger D type by VulnePro Blid Jaeger D type by VulnePro
Another conceptual design/model sheet for the Theos animation project. This fella is actually not some hulking mecha someone rides in it's a bio-mechanical entity closer to a cyborg in some ways but still something quite different. Itís the same race of creature that the little mech in the IO Diner piece is from. These guys are combat machine for a future not really Germany nation called Germane. Clearly I had fun with some WWII aesthetics and cammo patterns but unlike the Sfikas these guys are cell shaded with heavy weathering which is the direction all future designs for this project will head. The hats have a locking snap which can unlock if combat is imminent as the hats are only for formal dress and rank. You can't go around fighting with a hat in your mechanical eye, no? Much of these designs will probably get tweaked even further once we're ready to pitch this show, there's plenty of time as we're in the middle of working on another show project for an ad company in Arizona.

Inked pencils CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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Crosswire40 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Oh my god that's adorable, it has it's own hat and everything!
xbox-3 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
good job
andrevanstone2009 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Great work!
El-Bronco Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! Can't wait for the animation release :)
IsamuBlackbox Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
A Mecha with a coat.
JazzLizard Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Lol, I love how you have them wearing clothes XD
Great work here, nice details.
Silverlion Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
very awesome.
ironscythe Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007
um...I think you have the wrong idea about the term "bio-organic". bio means life, organic implies either organized internal physiology or organic compounds (oxycarbons). So bio-organic has no technological implications to it. Now, techno-organic would be more appropriate, as it denotes an organism composed (at least partially) of inorganic mechanical components, though more integrated than a mere cyborg.
VulnePro Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Quite correct and thanks for the catch there, what it should have read was bio-mechanical (and I'm going to fix the entry right now). I simply made a flub when I wrote this entry and just forgot about it. These are bio-machines, living machines so bio-mechanical is more apt.
ProcrastinatorMan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2005
OMG I love the designs, the weapons, the color schemes, I just like eberything there is to like about this picture.
This is a great piece.
VulnePro Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005  Professional Filmographer
My thanks totally, some very nice words there :) I had a lot of fun with this design sheet, I wanted these little soldiers to have a lot of character, even with their single little eyes :) There's going to be plenty more stuff to come, plenty.
Daemoria Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow...this is actually quite similar to one of my designs. I don't think my skill for colors comes close to yours.

If you are interested, I think I could send you the sketch I did, so you can see the simularities.
VulnePro Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2005  Professional Filmographer
No kidding? Yeah Iíd love to see it, it would be cool to see how similar ideas came together from differing perspectives. I was actually looking at Greman potato masher grenades when I designed it and the German Buzz bomb of WWII. More often than not like minds and tastes in design aesthetics will end up creating things quite similar in concert with others unknown to one another.

Actually Iím not too surprised, Iíve somewhat jettisoned the notion of pulling off 100 % originality as just about everything has been already done... just about. Now that statement doesnít mean I feel one should coast and simply abandon the attempts and efforts at originality but it seems in my experience that no matter how much in a vacuum one creates, how much youíre like this is cool, looks totally unique the psychic strangeness of the universe bites you in the ass and someone else has thought of something much the same. We are the on a little planet with billions of minds, any one could have a similar thought or visual idea. What really makes ones creations unique in the end is how we spin our own personal perspectives into the creative puzzles we build. All that hoo hah said I always try my best to somehow manage something new in my work I just try to be spontaneous and not get in the way of the creative flow.

I suppose if a design looks really cool, has your personal stylistic imprint on it, looks apart enough from other works, and folks dig it youíre on the right track and thatís all we can hope for in the end :)
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October 24, 2005
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