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June 18, 2008
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FOILjaeger Gottheitzerstorer by VulnePro FOILjaeger Gottheitzerstorer by VulnePro
Long entry (which will get edited down soon) but hopefully interesting (Illustration by :icongenocidalpenguin: with colors and cleanups by me. More info about the collab below history entry)

Forbidden weapons of war: FOILjaeger 3aMF Gottheitzerstörer (Destroyer of divinity) Adjustable Mass Frame Attack System

The feared and terrifying FOILjaeger beasts of an older age of FOIL warfare. These incredibly dangerous FOIL hunting machines were banned from combat long ago in the Genuaa Madreaus treaty of 3156 (Jaamas calender) due to a horrible incident where one lost control and practically obliterated the entire Polemos city state of Reince before finally being subdued. It is because of this terrible event that Polemos city states are now heavily fortified with artillery batteries and often protected by anti FOIL floating rail platforms. The Vulne Consortium coalition was already lobbying to get the machine banned due to it being built in secret beyond the agreed guidelines set in the rules of engagement for Polemos. Due to it's size they were built in space and when they would first appear on the field it would be dropping directly from the sky with a distinct sound indicating their arrival. The attack on Rience was the nail in the coffin for the Gottheitzerstörer machines as they were immediately outlawed after the talks in Genuaa (neutral Indus territory) concluded.

One of the most dreaded weapons ever to prowl the battlefields of Polemos just uttering the name, the cry of a FOIL pilot, alerting their blid krieg one was on the battlefield would send waves of horror though the ranks. At nearly twice the size and height of an average FOIL this machine was one of the largest combat frames built during the endless years of experimental FOIL "warfare". Employing the Icar drive technology, in an even more experimental and mysterious way, the Gottheitzerstörer would change the vibrational frequency of the FOIL's mass itself and essentially phase it's density in and out of our familiar dimensional plane. If the machine struck a normal FOIL with it's giant arms the FOIL would surely be obliterated and if it didn't strike them they better hope it didn't grab them either. The hands of the machine had plasma pulses that would ultimately cripple a FOIL much like an E.M.P. blast. The claws also would heat up to tremendous temperatures which would add to the damage of a connected strike and glow as seen here.

With the machines massive size one might think a smaller FOIL would have the advantage of maneuverability and greater speed. This is true in basic principal but due to the Icar drive being an anti gravitical unit and also allowing other strange properties the Gottheitzerstörer has tremendous speed and maneuverability for it's size which made the machine all the more feared. The machine would phase jump so it could be on a FOIL in an instant with a deadly strike and only the most skilled of pilots and FOIL faedai could evade the attack. When the machine would strike it would phase it's frequencies to a higher vibration and accelerate it's attack out of phase until connecting throwing the Icar into full phase bringing the full weight to bear which would often smash the misfortunate FOIL into the ground along with the arm of the Gottheitzerstörer creating a most spectacular impact explosion and crater. With the FOIL completely obliterated the Gottheitzerstörer would simply kick the Icar drive back to full strength to pull out of the follow through. Using the Icar drive in this fashion proved to be unpredictable in it's effects on the SADUS control entities the FOILjaegers would employ causing the machines to have a rather volatile beast-like nature. The machine in the image isn't standing but suspended by the Icar field, the glowing rings being a visible part of the field. High technology is essentially magic to those who are unfamiliar with it's workings. In many ways the sciences and high technology fields in SOL are closed systems only open to initiates and secret guilds and orders. The general public overall has little interest in how something like this works, to them it's simply pulling a rabbit out of a hat ;)

On the illustration itself. Ever since I joined DA I've been gradually meeting more and more talented artists and creative people and it's simply been a blast. Early on I met :icongenocidalpenguin: as I was drawn to his fantastic mechanical designs and endless imagination, we became friends pretty fast and soon I asked to color one of his illustrations and we began to collaborate from there. As Karl learned more about the Theos Ke Polemos project he asked if he could contribute and, well, I couldn't refuse. In talking about ideas for this project I mentioned how something about this design, what has become the Gottheitzerstörer FOILjaeger, struck my imagination. He didn't have a specific idea for it so we came up with what would be this machine using the original illustration. So the illustration and design was created by :icongenocidalpenguin: originally and can be found here: [link]

and here: [link]

Please, by all means make sure you send :icongenocidalpenguin: some much deserved good words as well.

GP sent me a hi-res scan of the pencils and I went to task, with his approval, of cleaning up the line work and adding various new, but subtle, design flourishes of my own (which can be seen differing from the original illustration in various small ways but overall I wanted the original's spirit to remain), and a new set of nastier hands on his request. Once the line work was polished up it went to color, a Panzer gray with spotted cammo, red, and "bee" marking accents. Being the machine is actually an older weapon, assumed to be mothballed long ago, it's very rusty (the classel armor over paint) and battle worn. From the looks of it this machine has executed quite a few FOIL crews. A terrible machine that should have been forever destroyed somehow kept hidden away on Indus only to return, to the horror of Polemos forces, to spread terror once again. More of Theos Ke Polemos to unfold... stay tuned.

Pencil illustration, design concept, and Gottheitzerstörer name by :icongenocidalpenguin: (Karl Östlund)

Digital clean ups, additional design flourishes, and colors Mike Majestic Photoshop CS3 and Painter X

Total blast working on this one :)
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I really like this. Reminds me of the images I'm trying to portray in a story in a race called the Talagoz, even if it's a robot. I love it! ^^
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dude i saved this exact pic off of google years ago im so glad i finaly found where it came from :D
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