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January 29, 2012
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Nal-Farbute FOIL camouflage by VulnePro Nal-Farbute FOIL camouflage by VulnePro
I've actually been pretty busy with various things so far in yonder 2012-opolypse much of which is working on mastering 3D. I have managed to sneak in some new FOIL paints, Harma Bhatra being the first and now this bad boy. Expect others to follow ;)

The first posting of this FOIL was a mono-chromatic pseudo-ad kind of presentation.


With a line art presentation to follow:


I had always intended to do a full color version and, along with a lot of other works soon to drop, it's finally here. This would be the combat painted version of the Nal-Farbute featured in the original fictional ad.

The design of the FOIL is all me, however I consider this one somewhat of a a collab as :icongenocidalpenguin: provided it's name.

Nal-Farbute: (Fierce striking needle) sorta old Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/Icelandic

As I've noted before, naming conventions in TKP straddle from accurate meaning to mixed up and inaccurate (which is intentional to keep their sense of history fractured).

The Nal-Farbute is not quite an ECM or EWAC system but something more specific to events unfolding in Theos Ke Polemos during the Siege of the Black Son. This machine is a 5th generation FOIL, through and through. Nal-Farbute is also the result of Oshen and Dies going into partnership in order to deal with the new threats facing the Polemon theater. So having the two most respected FOIL manufacturers behind this machine means it's a formidable beast indeed. This places the machine in the Siege of the Black Son period when FOILs, and Polemos itself, are in a fight for survival.

For the new full color version I went with a base of Dark O.D. greens in two-tone adding a faded, weather beaten, layer of camouflage over some of the surfaces while maintaining the two-tone look in others. All the marking are the same as the original monochrome posting because this is the same FOIL only in full combat paints and with a few years worth of wear and tear weathering. I didn't change the line art much, save adding a slightly beefed up extra calf surface on the legs with the nano tube armor mesh.

There are, of course, added textures and parkerized armor surfaces all over the machine so, by all means do the full view download to see it more clearly. As with the previously posted Harma Bhatra this is hi-res

Pencil illustration digitally inked with paints in Photoshop CS3

Still more pending...

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Bushi-Mech!  Beautifully done!
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A job well done.
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nice mate! the head design is very nice.
VulnePro Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Professional Filmographer
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