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Vulne Pro GYMKATA KAT powers activate!

Transmission 2013 begin>>>>

Well, here we are... 2013. Well, well, well Mayans, we're all still here. Your UFO fleet ain't so doomy now is it? Suck on THAT overlords of doom!

OK, joking and friendly ribbing against Mayans aside it's the New Year and that's often a time of renewal in the eyes of those who put stock in such markers of time. I was cagey and quiet with work last year, producing in ninja mode and posting occasionally. Though it might have seemed like little work was produced in 2012 that isn't actually so. There's a lot of stuff to post so let's get to that, shall we? What is coming? You'll all just have to wait and see, we have a whole new year ahead.

Indeed behind on the messages here due to the sheer volume at this point. I'll try to catch up a bit but please take no offence if I miss your message, there's a lot to go through. As always my thanks for the support, favs, watches, and all the birthday wishes.

Happy 2013 everyone! Let's bust ass to make this a good one and keep the graphite and Wacoms groovin'.


mode continue>>>>
  • Listening to: Stateless 'Stateless'
  • Reading: Various drafts and such for pending post-a-thon
  • Watching: MST3K, LOTS of it :)
  • Playing: Iron Brigade
  • Drinking: Juice
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Happy 2013!

Speaking of Mayans
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Wacom's groovin' indeed! Cheers and happy 2013.

How's that Iron Brigade?
VulnePro Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Filmographer
The Wacom's a groovin', indeedy it is. Happy New Year to you as well Rob! There will be many new things to peep this year happinin' in the virtual real estate in this gallery.

Iron Brigade is a reasonably fun and somewhat addicting mindless stompy shooty-fest. :icongenocidalpenguin: (he is indeed still of the living and still doing artz)and I had been playing at a lot on XBOX Live recently. The game can get a bit repetitive once you really max out you bot and gear but it's still pretty fun overall. Speaking of the crazy penguin-man (Karl) there's a ton of TKP stuff he's done that hasn't shown up online yet so expect to see some of that drop on soon. Of course I'll make note of it here when any of that material goes up.

Also, there will be more stuff today moving forward into the new year. New FOILs soon to make their triumphant return as well ;)

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January 1, 2013