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I just posted the line art of a brand new FOIL collaboration, the Harma Bhatra, by :iconvulnepro: and :icongenocidalpenguin: on the Vulne Pro blog.

It's a rather extensive post disusing the evolution of the new design which was based on Karl's original creation to be found here

This post, and the finished design, has been delayed several times, mainly due to the situation that arose with my Father's medical adventures of late. Time has been a precious commodity anymore (this can be said for most of us though) so I'm happy things seem to have been calming down enough for work to move forward again. For now the line art of the Harma Bhatra will remain on the blog exclusively, to be posted here at a later date. A full color version of the FOIL will see it's way here in the future as well :) I also blogged an entry today discussing the unintended coincidence of sendai in TKP having the same name as the city Sendai, in Japan, terribly scarred by the devastation  of the recent tsunami.

More work to come...

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Ashigar Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to know that life's going back to normal in Japan.
It's always interesting to see the evolution of an art piece. It's a good thing you got rid of that huge thing sticking out between it's legs XD.
VulnePro Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I suppose as normal as could be expected of them under the circumstances. Japan are a spirited nation so I expect they will forge ahead and overcome the difficulties in rebuilding.

Aye, the gun pod thingie went in favor of a more balanced design. As I said, in my reply to Rob above, I can see us revisiting it in another design more tailored to visually gel with it. I think Karl was, more or less, having fun with it though and it wasn't meant to be taken seriously ;)
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
OH, SNAP! That' a hot one! :w00t!: Love what the covering sheath approach has done for the arms. For some reason, giving me the impression he'd stand a bit taller than most other FOILS.

Since you've shown Karl's amazing original concept tho, I rather lament the loss of that lower thorax w/ gun turrets. So off the wall, and original, seems a sad thing not explore further. Perhaps too unconventional for your vision of FOIL development, but perhaps it could be used again on a different design?

On another note, wondering if you have a set plan for color scheme? If it's worth anything, I'm envisioning dark (70%) grey for main color + black, white, and orange accents.

You know... YOUR Sendai also came to mind when hearing about the disaster that struck the Japanese town of the same name. So you've addressed something that was already buzzing in me brain... Despite the tragic association which now exists with the name, I'm relieved that you don't plan to change it. The sad truth is, most of your potential American audience would -and will not- not make the same association in a few years time anyway. Truthfully, Japan is not really in the forefront of the average American's consciousness ( I won't go into how this has been reflected by domestic reactions to the disaster). Lovers of Japanese culture simply take for granted a certain level of empathy, but I think that for the grand majority of Americans, such strong emotions for such a distant and alien country do not exist. Certainly here on DA, Otaku blood runs thick, but it's not very indicative of Joe average.

The next point to raise then is that TKPs audience most likely falls into the demographic which DOES give a damn about Nippon Bunka, however, I don't think that even this can truly be taken for granted, especially w/ a more young-ish audience. Being hip to anime, mechs, and otaku-type stuff doesn't necessarily denote a mature and culturally informed attitude. :twocents:
VulnePro Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Thanks a ton Rob, both Karl and I appreciate it :) XD when Karl and I were talking about the post I realized I didn't note the crazy ballsack gun pod (as Karl had called it) and should add that to the post in comment LOL Aye, it is an interesting idea but it tends to throw the whole design off if I kept it as it becomes a central focus that would draw the eye right to it. I think it's something that needs to be, and likely may be revisited with some other design though. I see a really weird gerwalk kinda beastie with that thing, i think that would be a great fit.

Haven't gotten to what I plan to do with the color version yet. Not a bad idea but it's also similar to the Gottheitzerstörer's colors so not sure what I'll do yet. I always consider doing multiple versions at some point for many of these so any color ideas go in the hopper.

Yeah, no plans to change sendai even though it's a little odd using the term right now it was never an intended association. You're right, the west has a dreadfully short attention span so there's that too.

Though this project would likely appeal to the anime/otaku (never got why American fans think it's cool to use a term of derision in Japan. That was always beyond me) crowd my real aim is just to try to create a great story using some of the familiar troupes of mecha in, what I hope, are some very new and unexpected directions. Pandering to any fan crowd this project ain't but I do hope anime fans and many others will see interest here. Sadly I feel far too much fan pandering has been going on with entertainment in general, not the least of which the situation in Japan with the quality of anime shifting into otaku moe wish fulfillment. I've always been more interested in the unbeaten path where a calculated risk can potentially lead to an earned success. Having faith you'll find an audience through the strength of your material is far more rewarding than dolling out fan hungry cliche's. At the end of the day, my hope is TKP will just be intersting enough to keep some attention :)
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